Harmony 30 X 40_edited

I am asked frequently to write an “artist statement” and like many artists I find it difficult to express in words why I make art or what art making means to my life!


What first comes to mind is my love of life, my sense of fun and energy, and I am here on earth and my wish is to share my passion, make a difference and put a smile on your face.


I start each painting with a “splash” of red.......then the fun begins and the images appear...shapes emerge ......all in preparation for the journey of colour to begin.  I favour bright colours, lively shapes and lines, with an attention to the whole canvas.  I love to push and pull the image as I play with paint, colour and composition - constantly adding, changing and taking away. My paintings communicate a positive message to the world, created to remind you of the beauty that is within and around us.


Love, life and shapes found in nature are my immediate inspiration.  The whimsy and delight and colour of the natural world as expressed by The Group of Seven, Ted Harrison, and Norval Morrisseau have remained an inspiration for me since I began painting.


My paintings BURST with BOLD, VIBRANT colour , STYLIZED shapes are full of energy and joy. My black outlines create the energy the shapes describe the story and as I finish each piece I am in “awe” of having done it.


I hope to leave this world a little brighter than it was.


“Colour was not given to us in order that we should imitate nature, it was given to us so that we can express our emotions” Henri Matisse 

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