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Thinking back on how it all began has presented Vicki with an interesting moment of reflection! Her career as a full time artist has evolved from an accumulation of many experiences and creative opportunities.  The thought that her work would be both desired and appreciated by both friends and strangers is incredibly satisfying for Vicki, and this appreciation has energized her and unleashed a prolific period of expression, as she sets out to bring “visual realities” to life through her unique interpretation. Painting full time, in the quite surroundings of her studio, Vicki is both flattered by the demand, and incredibly satisfied and motivated by the responses. Her dream has found a new meaning!


In her formative years, Montreal was home for Vicki, and as a young girl she attended the Galeria d'art Palette Art School where she was taught by the Canadian artist Renate Heidersdorf. Under the tutelage and encouragement of Renate, Vicki sought to identify and define her own voice as a young artist. This voice, or calling has served as a constant reminder to Vicki, as she continues to evolve and refine her “artistic voice”.


As the “voice” gained prominence, art took on a new meaning for Vicki - it became both a constant in her life, and a defining element for how she viewed the world. A graduate from Queens University with an Honours Degree in Fine Arts, guided by the realities of the cruel world of employment, Vicki sought an opportunity that would facilitate a collision between her passion for art and her desire to mature and grow the “voice” within.  The display windows of The Robert Simpson flagship store in Toronto presented Vicki a unique opportunity, wherein she sought to unite the principles of design and display through the creation of engaging window settings. In turn, she broadened her view to this union, as she worked alongside the creative icon – Jim Henson, of the Muppets fame. There, Vicki discovered the tremendous joy and discipline in understanding the world of visual design, line, space, shape, color and perfection - a skill she continues to hone and apply to each of her paintings.


Always the optimist, and a person of action, Vicki identified the opportunity to pursue her art along a dimension she could both guide and control, and so she established her own business – The Art Maker. The guidance she received from Renate Heidersdorf served as a guidepost along two dimensions – to pursue her passion with conviction, and to find a way to share it with others, so that they too may free “their voice within”.  Paying it forward, Vicki took her passion for art to the public and private schools of York Region, and to the quiet enclave of Camp Oconto; a girls camp located on the shores of Eagle Lake. In each setting, she developed a unique program that enabled each student to feel the personal satisfaction of creating something they were proud of, something they would celebrate, and share with others. The smiles and the laughs of the children are a constant reminder for Vicki – art is impactful, it is meaningful, and these very experiences have helped her to share her artistry each day.


Today, Vicki’s work represents her on-going attempt to celebrate life and the world around us. The foundation of her interpretations are simple – a sketch, a photograph, or a memory, and from that visual, she has transformed the majestic beauty of the Canadian landscape into art forms which are fun, energizing, and inspiring. Vicki has chosen acrylic paint to be the prime medium by which she breathes life into each piece. The flat smooth surface, bustling with vibrant colour in a very stylized form has become the signature for her work. Drawing from the unique styles of artists like Matisse, Morrisseau, Hundertwasser, Kandinsky and Harrison, Vicki has sought to unite her life experiences with her love for art, and to reflect that through the “wonderfully fresh” and vibrant canvases she paints.


The appeal for Vicki’s work continues to grow, as her presence at select exhibits has created a unique following, one that has resulted in the sell through of her artwork. This is incredibly satisfying for Vicki, as she is motivated and energized by the connection that the buyer quickly establishes with her work. To know that “the voice” of the Art Maker is present across the vast terrain of Canada is so satisfying for Vicki … “satisfaction doesn’t get better than that!”


Her dedication to art is unwavering, and she uses this commitment to fuel her enthusiasm and spirit. Energy is “boundaryless” for Vicki, and her desire to meet with people, converse and connect with them, provides her tremendous strength and drive. “To know you are creating something that impacts the lives of many is amazing”. Vicki is appreciative of the opportunity, and draws inspiration from this connection as she turns a blank canvas into a personal moment!


Her works – both large and small canvases - have been featured in many solo and group shows around Toronto, and her work can be found in corporate and private collections across North America and Europe.

Always the great conversationalist ... Vicki is always willing to share stories, her love of art, her sense of optimism her gratitude to you!

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